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Chain of Joy

Peace for Her - Anxiety

Peace for Her - Anxiety

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This gift box brings hope and comfort for women facing tough times, offering peace and spiritual growth through God's scripture. This curated collection is designed to help you or your loved one navigate anxiety and fears. Ideal for those facing illness, miscarriage, divorce, unemployment, or other challenging circumstances.

Take Heart - A 90-Day Devotional

Take Heart is a 90-day devotional for those who are weary, anxious, and overwhelmed. Each day includes a passage of scripture, a prayer prompt, and a short devotional designed to bring encouragement from God’s Word. With gospel truths on every page, this devotional will help lift the hearts of those who are downcast to rest in the love of the Lord. 

Prayers For Anxiety Cards and wood holder

This set of 11 cards includes 10 cards designed to help you pray for anxiety and worry in your life, and a cover card. One side of the cards contains a Scripture that pertains to anxiety or worry, and the other side has a prompt to help you pray specifically and intentionally.

Handmade Bracelet (There are different options. Each Box will include only one based on availability)

Adjustable and waterproof powerful prayer bracelets equip you with prayers to pray as you are reminded of the hope and strength you have in Christ.  Made with gold-platted beads and cross, and it comes with prayer and verse memorization card.

Bethlehem Olive Wood Pocket Cross

Made from authentic Bethlehem Olive wood, this compact wooden cross serves as a powerful symbol of faith and offers a source of comfort, no matter where life takes you.

Tea with Tae -5 tea sachets  (Tea flavors vary based on availability)

Finest and most delicious teas from eco-friendly and fair-trade farms all over the world. The tea blends are tastefully prepared in 100% biodegradable tea pyramid sachets that preserve the full-body flavor profiles and aromas of loose-leaf tea.

Stickers. Includes 2 stickers based on availability.

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